Product Photography Sydney

Welcome to Wenbo Zhao photography, the Product Photography Sydney experts. We create stunning product images for your eCommerce websites, CGI mock up imagery for products that may not even exist yet (we’ll make it look like your concept is a product that’s already made) and offer creative agencies and Sydney corporates specialist advertising photo enhancing and retouching services.

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eCommerce Product Photography Sydney

Our Sydney ecommerce product photography Sydney studio was created to deliver stunning eCommerce imagery and superior product photography for Australian businesses big and small. Beautiful products deserve stunning imagery that enhances your brand. Demand the superior product photography visuals that communicates value with Wenbo Zhao Sydney.

Marketing & Advertising Product Photography Sydney

Make your product stand out with eye-catching Sydney product photography that capture’s your brand’s unique style. Memorable brands demand expertly crafted imagery. Trust Wenbo Zhao professional advertising photography to deliver iconic Sydney advertising photography – online and offline!

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CGI Product Photography Sydney

At a fraction of the cost of high-end traditional product photography, our CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) product photography creation process produces amazing results. Get images based on an AI design before your actual product is released to the market. It’s possible with Wenbo Zhao professional CGI Product Photography Sydney.

The Sydney Product Photography Experts

Wenbo Zhao are your Sydney product photography experts. Simply fill out our contact form below to discuss your advertising brief. For product photography jobs – big or small – contact Wenbo today. You’ll be glad you did!

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Satisfaction Guaranteed on Every Photoshoot

Our commitment to our Sydney product photography clients is second to none. We will work with your marketers to bring the best out of your Sydney product photography and to let you stand out from the competition. Discover the Wenbo Zhao product photography difference today!

How much does it cost to hire a product photographer?

There are four ways you can pay for product photography:

  • by the hour
  • by the day
  • by the image, or
  • by product.

If you pay by the hour, expect the service to cost anywhere from $25 per hour to more than $500 per hour, although average rates range from $94 to $262.

Are product photographers in demand?

The demand for product photography is changing, with professionals charging up to $3,000 per job in some cases. An amateur can make between 10-30 dollars on Ecommerce stores and complete them quickly; however, professional product photographers will quote day rates over this amount as well – in some cases upwards of $7,500 on large projects! It’s all comes down to the degree of difficulty of the job at hand.

What makes a good product photo?

Great commercial product photography can be an integral part of your business by showing your brand and its products under its best light. Great product photos will increase sales and boost brand awareness, which is especially important for small businesses that need every edge they can muster against bigger, wealthier competitors!

The right product images can attract more customers, so don’t settle for just any Sydney product photographer; make sure you find someone with experience who can deliver high-quality product photos tailored to enhance your brand identity.

Read our blog on the four product photography styles that can help you increase engagement.

What does product photography include?

Product photography is an integral part of any company’s marketing strategy. It provides prospective customers with a visual representation of what they can imagine themselves owning and enjoying, making your brand seem more accessible than ever before!

A lot goes into taking good-quality product photos; from selecting what you want to highlight (ie, something unique about each item), how it should look when displayed correctly on its assigned webpage/social media page/post, etc.

However, quality product photography doesn’t just happen by accident. It can only happen when its delivered by an experienced, proven professional product photographer – someone like the Sydney product photography experts at Wenbo Zhao!

How is product photography done?

With so many different options for lighting, it’s important to think about which option best suits your product and environment. Lights can either be natural or artificial with the choice depending on what you want out of each one!

You may also need some help deciding between fill-light vs bounce light. Just remember that whichever type is chosen will provide depth when capturing product photography images, while still being able provide warmth where needed through differing temperatures (temperatures vary from incandescent bulbs at 2700K down towards UV lamps.)

Why is product photography important?

Product photography is an essential component for any brand that strives to be successful. The images provide your customers with a clear idea of what they will receive and can speak volumes about the quality, durability or taste in something you offer them! A high-quality product image implies professionalism which creates good first impressions on potential consumers.

How do you style product photos?

When styling a product, don’t stage it too much. Keep your product photography natural and interesting by placing the product front and centre in an appropriate setting that doesn’t distract the viewer.

If you’re going to use props, place them near the edge with hints that allude to more taking place outside the frame (this creates an atmosphere where there’s always something else going on just beyond our view, but keeps the focus on the product!)

When you’re dressing up products for sale, try using different layers to integrate elements seamlessly into arrangements while adding depth through focus around key pieces like edges. This will help ensure viewers explore all aspects of a product without getting too distracted.

Product Photography

Better product photography speaks volumes about your brand and drawns customers in. 

Commercial Photography

In commercial photography, not every brand or product demarks themselves. We help set you apart!

eCommerce Photography

Stand out amongst your competitors and steal their lunch with stunning eCommerce photography.

CGI Photography

No finished product? No problem. Our CGI photography services can create the product of your dreams!

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