People can process images 30 times faster than they can blink their eyes. Thus, you have a very short time to impress people with your images before they move on to your competitor.

Great commercial photography in Sydney can serve as a window into your business by providing the very best first impression. This can increase sales and boost your brand identity and image. In addition, you will easily appeal to mobile audiences.

Here are the four product photography styles that can help you increase engagement.


Packaging Shots

Your product’s package shows important information such as the composition, quantity, and product type. Packaging shots emphasise this important information and amplify the brand experience. Therefore, you should know your product’s key differentiators to make them visually prominent.

Packaging shots can focus on the label, the bag, or the box. They’re supposed to present a shopping experience that is consistent and conspicuous.

Packaging shots may also be effective if there are images of the product on the package. This means that you will be showcasing the product alongside critical information. Such pictures eliminate the need for image captions.

    Wenbo Zhao-Luxary Makeup Brushes-Luxie Beauty-Hand holding burshes and floating lines in background

    Lifestyle Shots

    Lifestyle shots portray real-life situations where customers are using your products. Their main purpose is to create an interactive and realistic experience for potential customers.

    Before you take lifestyle shots, you should know what your product does and who it is for. This will enable you to create a simple and memorable photograph model.

    You should select a shooting location and scenario that is real, although you can also use props to spice things up. If you decide to use props, you should go for original and authentic accessories.

    Lifestyle photography also works best when you use natural light and opt for the lowest aperture possible. Therefore, you should do the image shooting outdoors. If you decide to do it indoors, the object should be facing a natural light source, such as a door or window.

    Swisse Liver Detox By Wenbo Zhao Photography Sydney with red ribbon and white background

    Individual Shots

    These shots are meant to showcase stand-alone products and are ideal when you want a specific product to take the spotlight. You can use individual shots on social media pages and as promotional ads.

    Individual shots can be taken against a white background because this makes it easy to edit the photos. You can either use a smartphone camera or shoot from a tripod to avoid shaking. It’s also common to use close-up shots when trying to highlight particular product features. Similarly, pictures of stand-alone products can be taken from multiple angles.

    CGI Project with Wuli Grooming By Wenbo Zhao Photography Mans hair product collection

    Group Shots

    This is the presentation of multiple products in a single image. Its main purpose is to show the various options available with a particular product. For instance, you can have a group shot that shows the colour, size, or shape variations of hats.

    By displaying the variety and range of products, you reduce clutter and help the customer choose quickly. As a result, you can give your website visitors and social media followers a more comprehensive taste of your brand rather than a view of just one product.

    It would be best to use a white background when shooting a group shot unless some of the products are white. This makes it easier to reposition or retouch some products within the image. Also, the products should be centered on a stable and flat surface, like a chair or a table.

    CGI Perricon MD Cosmetics Collection on white blocks cube and light grey background By Wenbo Zhao Photography

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      CGI Perricon MD Cosmetics Collection on white blocks cube and light grey background By Wenbo Zhao Photography