eCommerce Photography Sydney

Our “eCommerce Photography” process is the model of efficiency. Our methodology and processes to produce spectacular eCommerce Photography have been honed for years to deliver spectacular product shots every time. Beautiful and consistent eCommerce photographs will enhance your brand. Trust Wenbo Zhao’s eCommerce photographers to deliver on time, every time.

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White Background Photography

Each product is specially lit to meet the highly detailed specifications of your online store. Stunning imagery is where true eCommerce starts and where sales growth takes flight.

Dark Background Photography

Our eCommerce photographers use advanced techniques like focus stacking and multi-capture compositing to present your products in their best light with sharp contrasts and beautiful hues.

the difference between amature and professional product photography

Professional Retouching

Our professional photo retouching services ensure all packaging blemishes are removed so that products will always look their best. Retouching can be the difference between good vs great ads. Don’t settle for good and contact us now.

eCommerce Photography

We supply eCommerce photo assets for any audience. Files include a full size JPG images that can be used on eBay, Amazon, your Web stores, and for Physical Prints.

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Image Production

You product will be photographed and the images will go through our professional editing and retouching stage.

Ship Your Products

After you Submit Your Order or get a quote from us, you will receive an order confirmation email with instructions on where to ship your items.

Download Files

We will email you proofs to review and your invoice, once you approved and paid your invoice. We will email you a download links for your files.
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Invest in Your Brand & Grow Your Sales

Every commercial photography project is unique in terms of specification and need. Each project is tailored to your budget and needs. Please let us know what can we help you grow your brand through better advertising photography.