Over the past few years, consumers have learned even more about the pros and cons of online shopping. During the pandemic, 20-30% of businesses moved online and shoppers were quick to follow. At the time, shopping in stores and malls came to a screeching stop. Even now, after physical stores have opened back up, people are still turning to online stores to shop. Now that shoppers know the advantages of shopping online, there’s no turning back.


Advantages of Shopping Online

It turns out that shopping online offers a lot of advantages. People can search for what they want to buy from all kinds of stores. They can compare prices and get more information about what they buy. They can even read reviews to find out what other people think about the item.

Now that there are more stores trying to sell online, it’s raised the level of competition. Many stores might sell the same products at the same or similar price. One way they can beat the competition is by improving the quality of the product images.

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Why Product Images Matter So Much

Most shoppers have seen websites where product images appear to have been cut and pasted. There is no dimension, and the colour falls flat. One reason is that retailers obtain stock images of products from the manufacturers. 

What many retailers don’t realise is that quality images convey more information than text. People see colour and design, style, and how something works with another product. They get all this information and more by glancing at an image.

It isn’t just the quality of the photo that matters. It’s important to showcase products through images. If potential buyers aren’t impressed by what they see, they’re more likely to move on to the next store.

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Quality Images Are Just as Important to Service and Professional Businesses

The way people do business changed in almost every way during the pandemic. People bought their groceries online and picked them up curbside. Doctors saw patients using their internet devices, and all kinds of professionals gave online consultations.

Before consumers got around to scheduling appointments or arranging for pickup, they looked to the business or professional website for more information. Although they were shopping for a service rather than a product, they still relied on the website images to familiarise themselves with a practice, a service team, or the office staff. These images are still important, especially for teams that work remotely. Wenbo Zhao, master graphic artist and CGI photographer, has the expertise to create a team photo even when you are in different locations.

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Why You Should Call Wenbo Zhao

Wenbo Zhao is an expert in product photography and advertising photography. He understands that you only have one chance to make a first impression. Ecommerce photography is the modern area of specialty that helps set your website apart from that of the competition.

Expert imagery has never been more important to the success of any business. Get more than a photographer on your next product photography project. Contact Wenbo Zhao for the professional-quality photography that will sell products and services.