More than 9 million Australian households shopped online in 2021. Therefore, any business that wants to be successful must invest in an appealing website and content-rich social media posts.

You may want to use generic templates when designing your website, but users won’t find the site authentic and unique. Moreover, a generic website resembles millions of others and is usually associated with bland content. To make matters worse, some business owners use generic photos that they find on Google. The best strategy is to use product photography Sydney to separate your business from the rest.

If you want great product images, you should hire a professional product photographer. Here’s a guide to how you can choose an expert photographer.

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The photographer must have a concise collection of their best work. For instance, they should showcase their portfolio on a website. In addition, they can share a multi-page PDF collection of their images via email.

Pay special attention to the photographer’s tabletop product photography experience by checking if the product photographer:

  • Has the ability to highlight a product’s best features
  • Can enhance appeal through product composition
  • Has excellent product placement skills
  • Displays deep understanding of lighting
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Editing Skills

An eCommerce photographer in Sydney must have essential and advanced image editing knowledge. For example, they should know how to crop and clean images. In addition, the photographer must be conversant with various exposure levels and how to adjust the white balance.

The photographer must know how to use various image editing software such as Lightroom and Photoshop. You can confirm their expertise by asking them to sharpen an image to give it a crisper and cleaner look. If they have the necessary expertise, they will be able to bring out subtle details in the photos and emphasise out-of-focus elements.

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Communication Skills

You will be in constant communication with the product photographer throughout the whole process, from booking to the photoshoot. Consequently, you should select a photographer who can listen to your suggestions and provide timely and accurate information. The photographer should also have good manners and be courteous.

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Read Online Reviews

Go online and get further details about the photographer you want to hire. Reading at least five reviews will tell you how they related to previous clients. Moreover, pay special attention to any low rating or complaint about the photographer.

Social media is one of the best places to find reviews about a photographer. As a result, you should read public comments on the client’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.



The product photographer’s location is an important factor to consider. Generally, it is advisable to hire a product photographer who is located near your business premises. This makes commuting convenient, especially if the photoshoot project will take several days. It also makes it easier to find more about the photographer from local people, including your friends and family members.

Effective product photography requires a high-quality studio setup with all the necessary equipment. Some of the gear that a product photographer must have include:

  • Camera– They should have multiple cameras with large sensors that can provide higher-quality photos. The cameras should also have a higher megapixel count so that the product photos don’t get blurry when you zoom into them.
  • Lighting– Lighting is needed to provide enough illumination. Therefore, the photographer must have lighting equipment such as recessed light, reflector, fluorescent lamps, and continuous lighting gear.
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Work With the Best Photographer

Wenbo Zhao is a product photographer in Sydney who can deliver outstanding eCommerce product photography. Our team’s mission is to combine beautiful photography and CGI imagery to create amazing product photography. Contact us our team to separate yourself from the generic and take your eCommerce website to the next level.