When it comes to setting up an online store, it’s not uncommon to be your own ecommerce photographer while you’re getting your brand off the ground. Unfortunately, product photography isn’t the easiest thing in the world to master, especially when you’re working with something as delicate as a swim shirt. That’s why we’ve put together this collection of tips for how to make your swimwear look great and excel at being your own product photographer.
Camera and Lights

Set Up Proper Lighting

The very first thing you’re going to need to do is set up proper lighting. You could have the most beautiful swim shirt in the world, but it still wouldn’t look great in your ecommerce photography without the right lighting. You’ll want to select bright, natural-looking light and focus it on areas where the sun would normally hit during a relaxing day at the beach.
    Woman in swim wear

    Ensure That Your Model Is Comfortable

    Speaking of relaxing, models get paid to make your clothes look fantastic, but your swim top is going to look even better if your model is comfortable with the setting, outfit, and product photographer during the shoot. Make sure everything fits perfectly, spend some time chatting before you shoot, and let your model decide on their own poses once you’ve gotten all the shots on your must-have list. You’ll be surprised by how good unplanned photos can look and you may even end up liking them better than the shots you were looking to get.
    Camera on tripod

    Tripods Are Not Optional

    One thing that every professional product photographer has in their tool kit is a high-quality tripod. While they may remove their camera and go freehand from time to time, they understand the value of a simple, stable shot, and you should too. It’s also important to remember that professional ecommerce photographers only have such a steady hand because they spend all day honing their craft, so unless you’re looking for that on-the-go look (which is perfect for behind the scenes content but not so great for your main website photography), you’re going to want to invest in a way to stabilise your shots.
    Ghost mannequin photography

    Make Use of the “Ghost Mannequin” Method

    If you’re looking to have “3D” floating images of your swim shirt, the “Ghost Mannequin” method is the best way to achieve this. Either make use of an actual mannequin or have your model stand still in a basic pose, then simply edit out everything apart from your product in post-production.

    Model swimming underwater

    Have On-Trend Lifestyle Imagery

    Basic images that focus purely on your product will always be necessary, but they’re no longer the only style you need to win a sale. You’ll also need lifestyle imagery in a nicely set up space as well as some beachy shots if possible in order to really make your swim shirt shine. If you’re wondering how to style the rest of the outfit, look at current trends and see which of your other products complement the piece you’re looking to showcase while also matching current fashion inspo.
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    Call in a Professional

    Finally, if you’re unsure of how to master any of these points, or simply want to make sure you’ve got the best swim shirt product photography possible, it’s a good idea to leave it to a professional. Investing in professional product photography in Sydney is one of the easiest ways to stand out from the crowd, and Wenbo Zhao’s style combines CGI imagery and beautiful photography to produce the most amazing product photography. Contact Wenbo Zhao to separate yourself from the bland and the generic and to take your eCommerce website to the next level!