Jewellery photography is an underrated photography genre in commercial photography. Prominent jewellery traders and jewellers in Sydney will tell you there aren’t many specialised jewellery photographers dedicated to pursuing this niche photography niche.

Here are the top five reasons why jewellers struggle to take great photos of their jewellery.

(all jewellery pieces in this post are the work of Master Jeweller Daniel Cap @ObjectMaker)

Wenbo Zhao-Premium Jewellery Catalog Image-Green and Purple Sapphire Ring

No. ONE – Inaquate Equipment

To make beautiful jewellery that stands the test of time, you need the right tools. And so it is with jewellery photography. Without the right gear, you’re going to struggle…

Most jewellery makers do not have a professional camera or proper lighting equipment besides a generic lighting box for some basic illumination. The result typically falls well short of conveying the exquisite craftsmanship and beauty of the

Your average jeweller isn’t a master of photo editing tools like Photoshop either, so photo editing is pretty much out. Getting pro-grade reflections of the jewellery piece and the capturing the piece’s natural sheen and glow is out of the question. The result will be a poor cousin of the jewellery images found in fashion magazines and ads… And so, even if a piece of jewellery is beautifully created, it simply won’t compare to a properly crafted image made with the proper editing and image enhancing tools.

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No. TWO – Skillset Shortage

Most jewellers invest their time into crafting beautiful jewellery art pieces. Jumping online to market their jewellery isn’t their priority nor necessarily a key element in their skillset. Building a website, SEO, building ads with great photos, it’s a bridge too far for most. And so most jewellers rely on minimal marketing and word of mouth from happy clients to get the word out and keep their sales pipeline going.

Compensating for a skillset shortage is straight forward. A jeweller needs to outsource and as jewellery very much relies on great visuals, a professional photographer might come in handy.

(All jewellery pieces in this post are created by Master Jeweller Daniel Cap @ObjectMaker)

Wenbo Zhao-Creative Jewellery Photography and Premium Catalog Image-Bronze Dragon Nacklace

No. THREE – Not Masters of Their Destiny

Only a small percentage of Australian jewellers run their own business. Most are working at least part time for big jewellery traders or famous jewellery brands. So their own personal ventures are more of a side-hussle. As such, dedicating time and effort into promoting their wares or their brand takes a back seat to their primary earning channel.

Wenbo Zhao-Creative Jewellery Photography with Object Maker-Bronze Dragon Necklace with yellow and blue smokey lights

No. FOUR – No Time!

Crafting jewellery is time-consuming, with artisans often burning the midnight oil, toiling away on their latest project/order.

It doesn’t help that many jobs appear out of nowhere and demand a quick turnaround. Under those conditions, it’s not a surprise to find out that taking stunning pictures of their latest work isn’t top of mind for most jewellers.

Wenbo Zhao-CGI Jewellery Photography with Object Maker-Green and Purple Sapphire Ring and Necklace CGI BTS


Photoshop is a powerful tool in photography, but it is also very complicated to use for non-professionals. For jewellery photography, there is a huge amount of work that needs to be done inside of photoshop to bring the most beauty out of a jewellery piece.
Obviously most talented jewellery makers do not have this skill set in their toolbox, therefore, getting a good jewellery image has become even difficult.


Well, if you happen to be a jewellery maker or designer, we have all the solutions for you from Wenbo Zhao photography
We provide professional photography solutions for all sizes of business in Sydney, we have a dedicated retouching team and on-location and studio photographers working on your photography projects.

We also utilize CGI (Computer Generalized Imagery) technology to create customized 3D jewelry or a photo environment background to make your art pieces look breathtaking!

Send us an email or a quick phone call regarding your photographic needs, we will get back to you with a quote ASAP.

(all jewellery pieces in this post are created by artist Daniel Cap @ObjectMaker)

Wenbo Zhao-CGI Jewellery Photography with Object Maker-Green and Purple Sapphire Ring and Necklace CGI


Professional images are not only serving to showcase your product details under good lighting, but professional product images are also an important indicator of your brand’s quality and identity. They are speaking to the customers about how legitimate your business and products are. Because every product detail and features will be showing through the professional product images. This is what builds the trust with first-time visit customers and this is what makes the sale.

So… here we are, we are Wenbo Zhao Photography Studio, we want to help business owners who have a great product line, not selling cheap products, and we want to help business owners who value professional product photography and wanting to elevate their brand.

Let’s get to know more about your business and products now!

If you think this blog post is helpful, please share with your friends or families who are wanting to learn more about product photography. If you have a photography project to be done or a product line that is getting ready to launch, please contact for a quote.


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