Here we are. It’s the end of the year!

I’m still in shock that ‘COVID-19’ remains a hot topic this year, a lot of things have changed in our lives, and much success has been achieved as well. As we all know, COVID’s lasting legacy has and will continue to change our lifestyle and our work style.

As a recap of sorts for this strange and fascinating year, I want to use a few different images to summarise my 2021 year @Wenbo Zhao Photography.

My Favorite Image of 2021

Well, it’s not just my favorite image of the year, but also my favourite professional photography project this year. I was approached by a Sydney-based start-up brand called ‘Wuling Grooming,’ a men’s hair products line.

The client had prepared a detailed photography brief with a few challenges thrown in that other product photographers could not solve, namely…

  1. Products are still being manufactured overseas (there were no actual physical products to photograph);
  2. COVID restrictions during the lockdown meant a proper photoshoot inside a studio was not possible, and;
  3. A tight budget on photography (less than $5K) was not going accomplish the client’s ultimate vision…

That is, until I stepped in and offered to do it of course!

With CGI photography, I was able to create a set of images to meet the client’s brief and give them spectacular photo assets to bolster their product presentation online and offline. Well after this project has concluded, I’m still getting positive feedback from the client!

It’s turned out to be exactly the kind of working relationship I strive to have with all my clients. Nothing pleases me more than seeing my clients vision come true and to see their business grow in a competitive marketplace thanks, in part, to my hard work. It makes it all worthwhile. 

CGI Project with Wuli Grooming By Wenbo Zhao Photography Mans hair product collection
Wenbo-Zhao-CGI-Photography-Cosmetics Photography-with-Wuli Grooming_Favorite-_image-of-the-year-2021.jpg

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