Product Photography Social Media Tips

The average Australian consumer spends about A$35 buying products on social media every year. As a result, retailers need a strategy that will attract more people to their social media pages and encourage these customers to buy products. Using clear and high-quality photographs is one of the best ways to boost a product’s visibility on social media.

Here are product photography tips that e-commerce businesses should be aware of.

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Show the Customer Experience

Photos of customers using products or services will excite the audience and boost the brand’s authenticity. These photos can be taken during purchase, at an exhibition, or at the customer’s home and office.

For instance, businesses can take photos of customers as they pick their items from the brick-and-mortar shop. The customers can be holding the products or using them. Similarly, the retailers can take photos of their staff members explaining the products to the customers. These team photos can also help to boost the team’s cohesiveness.

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Use Optimum Lighting Setup 

The intensity and positioning of the light source have a major influence on the quality of product photos, regardless of the capabilities of the camera device. Ideally, businesses should try to use natural lighting, i.e., light from the sun, as much as possible. However, they should be careful because a high concentration of sun rays can cast unnatural shadows on the product photo.

If the retailers must shoot the photos outdoors, it should be under a shade or during an overcast day. For indoor lighting, the product should be placed near the window to take advantage of natural lighting from the sun. Artificial lighting devices, such as a ring light, are necessary for indoor lighting.

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Choose Multiple Angles and Perspectives?

It is difficult to catch someone’s attention if photos are shot from common angles and perspectives. Although the photos must look professional, they must also be extraordinary and unique. The objective is to be artistic, creative, and trendy.

For instance, there are many photos of a customer walking towards the camera while holding the same box. Instead, retailers can take a photo of the person walking away from the camera or opening the box. This may be interpreted to mean that the products are unique and of a different quality.

CGI Project with Wuli Grooming By Wenbo Zhao Photography Mans hair product collection

Go for Symmetry and Visuals 

Photos with a symmetrical composition are pleasing to the eye. Symmetry is all about where the photographer places the subject or product in the picture frame. While they can place the product at the centre of the photo, it would be better if they used the rule of thirds. The rule of thirds dictates that the product will be placed at the right or left third of the photo. The photographer can do this by dividing the picture frame into nine equal parts.

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