In this Blender tutorial, I will help you to understand the quality of light in Blender like a photographer. The quality of light is referring the softness or hardness of light in photography, but many creatives misunderstand it and misuse it as well.

The quality of light is defined by the size of the light source relative to the subject. and the “relative” is the key part, which I will well explain in this video Secondly, “Invert square law” is another lighting concept that some people might have heard about it but most people don’t know how to use it properly

Lastly, I will show a common lighting technique called “feathering the light”, it will help you with your light skill dramatically if you don’t know how to do it! This is an ongoing studio lighting video series, which means improving your understanding of using studio lights in Blender or even in a real photoshoot.

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