Create a buzz with professional product visualisation

Visual marketing is a powerful way to create a buzz about anything that’s new. Buzz is important because it helps to drive sales. However, if you have a new product to launch or sell, the product itself might not be photo-ready. Maybe it’s still in a conceptual or developmental phase.

Sydney-based professional photographer Wenbo Zhao has the ideal solution to this problem. As well as being a leading commercial photographer of products, Wenbo is a genius at creating photo-quality images from blueprints of products. This is called product visualisation.

CGI Project with Wuli Grooming By Wenbo Zhao Photography Mans hair product collection

Product visualisation

Product visualisation makes perfect sense in a world where the human brain processes visual images at lightning speed — 60,000 times quicker than text. It gives you an edge. You can instantly get the attention of potential customers and investors without going through the expensive process of making a prototype.

In his Sydney studio, professional photographer Wenbo uses computer-generated imagery (CGI) to bring products to life. You’ll be able to see high-end photo rendering from blueprints of your articles in a 3D environment, in different colours and different finishes — all before the product has even been manufactured.

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Professional and lifelike

With CGI, Wenbo and his team are able to control every aspect of an image, from perfect placement of highlights to flawless integration with backplates. The resulting visuals make your products look highly professional and lifelike.

Through the magic of CGI, it’s also possible to make last-minute design changes to your products. This seamless process saves you the expense of recreating a demo model or rebooking studio time.

CGI Wuli Grooming Sweet Orange Spray bottle levatating in the air and green leaves and oranges in front of black background


The power of CGI photography

High-quality product visualisation has numerous applications. You can use it to:

• Get a clearer picture of your product

When you see what your product actually looks like, you can zoom in on small details and zoom back out to compare and contrast it with other products. Whether you want to explore multiple product lines or focus on one concept, product visualisation gives you clarity.

• Gauge market interest

Product visualisation is a cost-effective way to see whether consumers are ready to jump on board with your idea.

• Attract investors

Business executive and entrepreneur Martin Zwilling says: “People want to see that you have something before they commit real money.” Whether you aim to attract investment through crowdfunding or via more traditional means, product visualisation gives you a fast and powerful way to communicate your product to the people with capital.

• Optimise your workflow

If you’re looking to develop a product, you can get your marketing lined up well before the physical product is available. Product CGI photography allows you to launch confidently and successfully.

• Guide suppliers

Product Visualisation is also extremely helpful in guiding your manufacturers or packaging suppliers. Presenting these key suppliers with a CGI mockup will help them realise your vision as well.

CGI Project with Wuli Grooming By Wenbo Zhao Photography Mans hair product collection

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Don’t lose the opportunity to create a buzz about your new product through product visualisation. You’ll be able to attract the attention you deserve and boost sales immediately.

Product visualisation involves some very impressive technology, yet it’s not ridiculously expensive. Wenbo Zhao and his team provide high-quality product CGI at reasonable rates to make your product launch immensely successful. Contact us now to find out more.