Here we are. It’s the end of the year!

I’m still in shock that ‘COVID-19’ remains a hot topic this year, a lot of things have changed in our lives, and much success has been achieved as well. As we all know, COVID’s lasting legacy has and will continue to change our lifestyle and our work style.

As a recap of sorts for this strange and fascinating year, I want to use a few different images to summarise my 2021 year @Wenbo Zhao Photography.

My Most Challenging Image of 2021

 This incredible dragon ring was created by the talented jewellery artist, Daniel Cap @Object Maker, a leading Sydney jeweller. I was commissioned to create images to emphasise the features of a custom designed ringa of a sleeping dragon. I pitched the idea of introducing organic elements to simulate a natural environment to create a living object for the dragon ring.

The most challenging part of jewellery photography is getting the lighting right. Once the ring was placed onto the tree branch it became impossible to light the stonefrom underneath to make it glow. After an hour of experimenting with different lighting techniques, I used a total of five lights to light this dragon ring. (Please see the behind scene photo to get an idea of what that process what like.)

It was certainly the most challenging image to create this year, but the result was worth the effort.

Wenbo-Zhao-Creative-Photography-Jewllery-Photography-with-Object-Maker-Dragon-Ring-on-a-wooden-stick_most challenging image of the year 2021

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