Sell More on Instagram with Professional Product Photography

It’s no secret that in recent decades, buying and selling products online has become a common practice for millions of people around the world. Most shopping today begins online, where consumers are doing their research. And now, more than ever, that research takes place on Instagram and other social media channels.  

In fact, according to Social Pilot, 83% of users discover new products and services while browsing Instagram and 70% of users turn to the platform when looking for new products. If Instagram isn’t already a large part of your marketing strategy, it should be. But with more than 200 million business accounts on Instagram globally, how can you make sure your brand stands out?

Three words: professional product photography. Because Instagram is the most popular social media platform for image-heavy content, brands must post high-quality, attention-grabbing photos to engage followers and attract shoppers. Gone are the days of selfies and amateur iPhone product shots; today’s followers are looking for more.

Here are a few of the ways professional product photography can help you elevate your Sydney small business on Instagram.

CGI Wuli Grooming products on two blocks with light brown color background and leaves shadows

Use Photos that Tell Customers a Story

Consumers make purchases that fit who they are or who they aspire to be, as well as use those purchases to tell others who they are. A shopper may buy products that make them feel and look elegant or confident, or that portray a certain belief, telling others they are adventurous or environmentally conscious, for example. Therefore, it’s important that your products tell the story your consumers want to hear. The best way to do that is with exceptional photography.

Don’t just tell shoppers who they can be with your products – show them. Post Instagram photos that make them feel the confidence they’ll have when wearing your jewellery, or that help them see themselves on an adventure when they browse your athletic wear. A picture is worth a thousand words, so make sure yours tells them that using your products will help them become who they want to be.


CGI Wuli Grooming Product Photography By Wenbo Zhao Photography in front light grey background

Take the Guesswork Out of Online Shopping

Twenty-two per cent of products sold online are returned because the products buyers receive look different from the photos. Shoppers aren’t visiting your Instagram page to look at your product photos because they’re aesthetically pleasing – well, not just for that reason. They’re also looking for product photos that will help them make decisions about their purchases. They’re looking for high-resolution images that show size, scale, and colour and that help them more easily imagine what the product will feel like on their skin or look like in their home, which ultimately makes them feel more confident in purchasing from your Instagram store.

Online shopping can cause confusion and uncertainty, especially with thousands of options to choose from. Working with a professional product photographer in Sydney will ensure that your photos eliminate the guesswork of online shopping and help your customers purchase with ease.

CGI Wuli Grooming Sweet Orange Spray bottle levatating in the air and green leaves and oranges in front of black background

Get Back to Doing What You Do Best

Whatever business you’re in, you do it because you are great at it. Whether that’s perfume, athletic gear, confectionary or anything in between, you know your business better than anyone else.

So, when it comes to your Instagram photos, you want a professional photographer who knows this specialty best. Wenbo Zhao is a professional product photographer in Sydney that will take your business’s Instagram account to the next level. Whether you’d like to visit our studio or have us come to you, if you’re looking for product photography in Sydney, visit us here to book your first session.

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