Restaurants Who Use Professional Photographers Sell More

It’s difficult to ignore food that is visually appealing. When you look at a menu, pictures of food are the first thing that catches your eye. Professional photography is likely to boost your food sales by 30%, and any particular item featured with photography on the menu will see 6.5% greater sales than the other items. 

But how do you get the best, mouth-watering pictures? You might be tempted to use your smartphone camera, but hiring a professional photographer to take the pictures is far more effective. 

Here are the top reasons why, as a restaurant owner or manager, you need to hire a professional photographer.

Food Photography for Jimmy Choose Cafe Menu photo collag of six dishes on white table top

Customers Visualise Tastiness

You may be reluctant to invest in professional food photography because there is a cost associated with it. However, the long-term sales benefits will definitely make it a worthwhile investment. A study by Searchengineland shows that 60% of customers prefer businesses that use images in their local marketing content.

Customers are automatically attracted to high-quality pictures of food. When you post such photos on your social media pages and website, customers will want to visit your restaurant or make an online order. This helps increase your overall sales.

Customers will be keen to order food if you present a visual menu with combos. Having enticing pictures may encourage your customers to order an entire combo instead of just one dish. 

Nevertheless, there are many benefits of photographing dishes. You may significantly increase your website traffic if you share these pictures on your website.

Good food pictures also work well on printed menus because they help to highlight high-profit dishes, drawing people’s attention to them and inspiring customers to try them.

Wenbo Zhao-professional jewellery photography-Object Maker-Creative Jewellery Photography and Dragon Ring with yellow background lights

Establish a Positive First Impression

Human beings are visual beings. Professional photographs of your food can be a good visual representation of your quality. The professionalism of the photograph of your food is associated with the quality of the food you are serving. On the other hand, low-quality photos shot from a smartphone camera or by an amateur photographer may damage your credibility and create a poor first impression with unappetising imagery.

Food Photography By Wenbo Zhao Photography Look down angle for two plate of dishes with color contrast Mashed Avo and Pancake

It Saves Time

Creating visually attractive photos of your restaurant’s products can be a daunting exercise. First, you would need to know how to shoot the perfect picture. You would then have to determine the logistics of your creative project and get the right photography equipment. Then, you would actually need to know how to quickly take the most appealing angles and compositions before the food loses its ‘freshly made’ or ‘freshly cooked’ impression. Fortunately, you can avoid this time-consuming and frustrating process by hiring a professional photographer.

The professional food photographer will have not only the equipment but also a breadth of experience in displaying, presenting, composing, and lighting food images. There may be some after-shoot touch-ups and compositions that really require an expert in the field to make the photos appetising and consistent so you don’t have to go back to the drawing board and do a re-shoot. All you have to do is find a photographer who understands your brand and marketing objectives.

Food Photography for Miss Fu Rong by Wenbo Zhao Photography Behind the scene and hero shot

Benefit From Our Industry Knowledge

Professional food photographers in Sydney, like Wenbo Zhao, have an in-depth knowledge of the creative process. As a result, they know how to bring out the best aspects of your restaurants through photography. In addition, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and cover any specific featured items important to your restaurant and customer experience.

This ensures that you get the ideal pictures that you can use in your menu, website, and mailbox flyers. An expert restaurant food photographer will also be able to integrate the spirit and ambience of your restaurant into the pictures.

Key Takeaway (pun intended!)

Many factors, such as lighting, angles, brightness, freshness, and composition, affect the quality of food photos. As a result, DIY photography — while fun for personal social media posting — is almost certainly going to produce low-quality, unappetising, and misrepresentational photos of the food that you have so carefully and lovingly prepared. Budgeting for the services of a professional photographer is the smarter move that will have long-term benefits for your restaurant in the greater Sydney area, enabling both your online and physical menus to present your freshly made, delicious menu items in their best light.

At Wenbo, we specialise in creating attractive food images for restaurants and online retailers. Our photography studio in Sydney is committed to delivering beautiful imagery for businesses and individuals. Contact us to get started.