Why work with me?

Well, this melting lipstick has said it clearly…

Obviously, the photographer is simply way too hot!

Just kidding:)

Actually… the answer is YOU, and it will be always YOU.

This short article is not about how great I am as a photographer and how well a job can I do. It aims to help you think about what your business need and what is my working style and see if we are a perfect match in a creative relationship.

CGI Photography Melting Why Work with Me Lipsick Detail Shot
  • Do you have a product collection or Ecommerce brand that you are working on and wanting to promote and upsell?
  • Do you value high-quality product images and proper branding to elevate your brand and product identity in the market?
  • Do you have a budget to invest in your online presentation and product photography on a seasonal basis?

If all yes, then we can go to our first date on Zoom/Skype, LOL, sorry it will be our first online meeting/phone call regarding your photography project and your business.


Here is my basic information:

My name is Wenbo Zhao, you can call me Z.

I am extremely passionate about still life/product photography and art in commerce, which was exactly what I was majoring in when I was in art school (Academy of Art University, San Fransisco USA).

Over the ten years, I became a photographic problem solver and art director who is higly interested to work with business owners and other creatives in the industry. If you have any photographic chanllenges regarding your products or creative services, I am confidence to be the reliable partener to make you or your bussiness marketing life much easier. 




if you are reading this article because of the interesting image that I created, then I can explain how I did it with CGI technology

CGI Photography Melting Why Work with Me Lipsick BTS

Step 1: Concept building
I used a mood board and inspirational ideas as a general guide to come up with a photography composition, color palette, and a general sketch.

Step 2: Modeling
Using 3D software to model out the products and scene elements, in this case, it is the lipstick and cap and then using sculpting techniques to create the droplets

Step 3: General Texturing and lighting
Based on the property of the product’s surface, each material has its unique way to react to the lights, proper texture is critical for photorealistic rendering images

Step 4: Styling and Staging
Create background elements that serving the concept and feeling I want to achieve and prop the scene and make the products look cool and beautiful, in this case, it was a plain red wall with some grain texture.

Step 5: Refine texture and lighting
Do some minor adjustments to make sure the product texture works perfectly when the lighting and composition has been finalized

Step 6: Rendering and retouching
Set up resolution and other images details for rendering.  The render image will be exported from 3D software and imported to Photoshop to finish the final photo editing and retouching.

CGI Photography Melting Lipsick


Professional images are not only serving to showcase your product details under good lighting, but professional product images are also an important indicator of your brand’s quality and identity. They are speaking to the customers about how legitimate your business and products are. Because every product detail and features will be showing through the professional product images. This is what builds the trust with first-time visit customers and this is what makes the sale.

So… here we are, we are Wenbo Zhao Photography Studio, we want to help business owners who have a great product line, not selling cheap products, and we want to help business owners who value professional product photography and wanting to elevate their brand.

Let’s get to know more about your business and products now!

If you think this blog post is helpful, please share with your friends or families who are wanting to learn more about product photography. If you have a photography project to be done or a product line that is getting ready to launch, please contact studio@wenbozhaophotography.com for a quote.


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